Multi-Dimensional Mediumship 101




Multi-Dimensional Mediumship 101

Lesson 1

  • Attunement and Activations – Keys and Codes to Work with Mediumship Energy
  • Create Sacred Space
  • Releasing of old negative patterns
  • Attunements
  • Guardian Angels
  • Spirit Guides of the Highest and Purest Energy
  • Ego Step Aside
  • Attunement for Ascension Intuition

Lesson 2

  • Reconnecting with 1 st Lesson
  • Discuss the keys and codes and how they are used in this Mediumship Class.
  • Talk about ego and how it can affect a person when they are connecting to loved ones.
  • How important is it to connect properly beyond the veil?
  • How do I know I am connecting to the right person beyond the veil?
  • Talk about layers of family beyond the veil.
  • Learn the process that I use in order to connect to loved ones beyond the veil and receive information.

Several frequencies and attunements will be included in this package for enhance communication in a safe vibrant white light energy space.


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