Ultimate Auric Clearing




This is what an Advanced Auric Clearing does for you: Clear of all auric

attachments from your 15 chakras (discarnates, occupants, portals,

wormholes) Clear of all negativity Clear of all cords, hooks, and

further attachments Clear of all INTERFERENCES Boost your

cells’ energy and your immune system RAISES your energy

frequency Restores your energy field’s integrity An Advanced

Aura Clearing is an ENERGETIC PREREQUISITE for embodying

your Higher Self and living the life you desire! After the clearing,

free from your previous blockages, you will have a higher energy

level that allows you to attract different situations, different people,

different places, and events. Then, if you choose to make different

choices, you will experience different results.

An Advanced Auric Clearing service is a truly

transformational, life-changing service.


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