Teresa Garcia’s approach uses a combination of potent energy

healing modalities.


Praises and gratitude to Ms. Teresa Garcia, a dear friend and amazing teacher. Always the generous and charitable soul, Ms. Teresa once again gifted me with a wonderful healing through Empowered Energetics, for which I am immensely grateful. Her strong energy for healing was immediately felt the moment the session began. I felt so at ease as she start to release from my space the energies that are no longer serving me. It felt so good that i felt no discomfort whatsoever at all, I just felt peaceful in my mind, and lightness in my body. I look forward to seeing the changes and experiencing the shifts this healing will make and have already made in my life in the coming days, weeks, and months. Again, my heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Teresa and the Empowered Energetics healing practice.😘❤ Janice,. Manila, Philippines 


Thank you , Teresa , for our healing session last night . I needed it especially during this time.  
You were able to scan my bodies ( physical, mental, emotional ) without even seeing me in person . 
I also had to leave right away because I felt so sleepy and tired right after . Maybe that was what my spirit needed most ? I also had to go to the toilet in the middle of the night , my body’s way of letting go of things that I didn’t need anymore . I slept really long and felt energised this morning … No palpitations so far today , claiming that my senseless fears are gone . Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your generosity both as a healer and a teacher
Maricar TS, Manila, Philippines 

Regarding the Sacred Activations 

The internal effect is when I join my friends in our inner energy cultivation sessions within the day or the following day, my sensitivity to energy has increased. 
Externally, there are manifestations. What I’ve noticed most about the SA workshop is that opportunities open up the following day.
For example, the place I’ve been eyeing to rent on for months suddenly became available.
More inquiries pour in to ask for the product/service I offer.
Same goes to the last workshop whose effects I felt stretched longer.
For my family, money from different sources poured after the workshop from one day to another.
As for my health, the pain in my lower back right side moved lower.
The frequency and intensity of the pain decreased and sizeably and as of date, I hardly feel it.
Eva E, Manila Philippines 

Teresa Garcia is an extraordinary healer and human being.  I have known her for a number of years and have worked with her directly.  As a fellow healer who has been on this path for many years, I can tell you that Teresa stands out among healers.  She is devoted to her craft and trained in more modalities than I can possibly mention.  She is constantly learning and improving her skills.  She is kind and compassionate, with a gentle approach.  Most importantly, she gets results!  I had an astounding session with her today and have participated in many of her groups, which has served to take my life and my own skills to a whole new level.  Book with her now before you have to wait for all the others lined up to work with her! 

Cindie Ambar, Heartsong Animal Healing, Aptos, CA. <3

I had a different concern a day prior to the healing but something urgent came up at work, where it seems like I am being bullied and limited in possible successful outcomes and financial gain. It has been going for quite sometime but today, it was at an all-time high. So Idecided to focus on that because I was very triggered at level 9. In the middle of the healing session, I felt my level of trigger as level 5. I was feeling stomach pain as well. You asked us if we are ready to let go, and I surrendered. After a few more minutes, it came down to 3. Now that the session is done, I feel like my concern was very trivial and I feel free to pursue other jobs. In fact, that’s what I wanted to manifest today, a new job that I will love and where I will be appreciated (of course with a bigger salary). I feel empowered and worthy of that now.
Sheena R, Manila Philippines


Teresa is a fantastic practitioner of Sacred Activations and Millennium Method. The activations are very transformative and helpful in day to day activities.”

Malu M, Manila Philippines

Sacred Activations Advanced Practitioners Class Testimonial

There was a time when my life was spiraling downward. I was scared, anxious and tired. I knew at that time that things will get better, I just didn’t know when and how it’ll come about. 
My first experience with SA had me spinning. I really felt the energies, Since then, I felt lighter, my relationships were smoother. I no longer felt that anxiousness and fear that were always in the pit of my stomach and chest. My life is no where near perfect but I know it’ll continue to improve as I continue to shift.
Princess C, Manila, Philippines

I have been receiving Healy Session now for about 2 months.  I have found that they have really helped me with my energy and I find I am more focused.  Thank you so much Teresa! 

Colleen Fischer, Canada

Teresa is an amazingly generous healer and teacher. She is all out in making sure that she provides the best service and experience that will bring about maximum positive transformation to the lives of her clients and students. She is not hesitant to share what she knows and to assist her clients and students regarding their concerns. I have participated in several of her classes and healing sessions, and I can clearly see how passionately dedicated she is in improving and expanding her craft so that she can be of better service to those who need healing light. I have never met any other healer-teacher like Teresa who has done so much work on himself/herself and so much investment to upgrade his/her capability to hold space for greater healing. It is thus no wonder that her clients and students just keep on coming back for more. Teresa is indeed such a light that the world needs right now in these challenging times.

Al B, Manila Philippines

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