Arcturian Reiki



Arcturian Reiki

*Heat, lung and circulatory issues in the body
*Nerve and brain disorders (the nervous system is all about movement and communication)
*Rejuvenation of the body
*Communication issues
*Self-Love issues
*Tumultuous relationships/partnerships

*Digestive issues
*Bolstering metabolism
*Feelings of apathy, lethargy, or depression
*Discovering and living your purpose
*Embodying confidence and strength
*Overcoming mental or emotional obstacles
*Grounding visions into reality
*Cutting negative cords
*Removing entities/ disincarnates

*Over all body pain, structural issues in the body, pulled muscles and tendons, broken bones, etc.
*Financial issues, lack, or resources
*Being ungrounded
*Being stuck in not enough-ness which can lead to hoarding, miserliness, or greed
*Feeling unstable or having lack of purpose
*Feeling like you don’t belong on Earth
*Bringing structure to chaos

*Blood, kidney, bladder, lymphatic, or hormonal disorders in the body
*Inflammation in the body
*Fluid retention
*Emotional disorders
*Extreme grief, sadness, apathy, or anger issues
*Rigidity and stuck-ness


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