Discover what is holding you back and take a step closer to manifesting the life you desire!!!


✨ Quantum Frequency Mastery: Understand the profound impact of Quantum Frequencies on our lives and learn how to harness their power.


✨ Deep Belief System Healing: Explore techniques to identify and heal limiting beliefs that have held you back.

MODULE  1 – Live on Zoom

Receive an attunement to all the Divine Expansion energetic activations and attunement to work with Source energy, as well as with Quantum Healing Protocol.

You will receive 6 energetic activations:

Open to receiving

  • Psychic protection
  • Protection with 12D shield and other tools for psychic protection
  • Space clearing
  • Grounding, centering and embodiment
  • Integration of energies


We will explore what matrix has been composed of and what artificial technologies have been used for soul control. You’ll learn about Jehovian seals and other types of implants blocking your spiritual expansion. You’ll receive 6 activations:

  • Implants and entities clearing
  • Clearing shadow body
  • Core Fear Matrix removal
  • Clearing EMF
  • Clearing death programs
  • Alleviation of symptoms of Ascension and energy upgrades

Module 3

Focused on the importance of healing and clearing our brain and nervous system in order to embody 5D frequencies. Our brain/nervous system is either channeling our own soul frequency or is affected by the matrix frequency. To embody higher frequency, our nervous system needs to be strengthened to hold it. Connection between trauma and nervous system and how to clear frequency of trauma. You will receive 8 activations:

  • Balancing the brain
  • Clearing nervous system
  • Clearing war trauma
  • Clearing religious programming
  • Clearing sexual trauma
  • Clearing mental/emotional trauma
  • Clearing birth trauma
  • Releasing victim consciousness


Reset your entire energetic field by learning to balance your Assemblage point. Learn how to deeply clear aura on 15 dimensions and clear tears and holes in your aura. A strong aura is a prerequisite to deflect negative energies and contain high vibrations within your space.

Learn how to clear deeply embedded miasmic patterns and hidden patterns in your energetic bodies. Learn how humanity has been controlled through genetic programming and how to clear you cells and genes. Learn how light is connected to genes and why it’s important to have your genes intact and clear to hold more light. Receive 6 powerful activations and clearings:

  • Balancing the Assemblage Point
  • Clearing miasmas
  • Deep aura clearing
  • Cellular and genetic clearing
  • Physical body detoxification
  • Spiritual immunity

    MODULE 5 

    Transmute lower vibrations and karma with violet flame. Restore your energetic soverenity by releasing energy that is not yours through ancestral lineage clearing of your male and female ancestral line and bringing pieces of your fragmented energy through soul retrieval. You will receive 6 energetic activations:

        • Ancestral healing of male ancestral line
        • Ancestral healing of female ancestral line
        • Clearing ancestral energies
        • Healing relationships
        • Clearing judgement
        • Compassion and Unconditional love


      MODULE 6 

      Learn how pieces of soul are lost and how to retrieve fragmented pieces. Another important topic in this module is resetting amygdala or stress center in the brain and learn  emotional reset by activating frontal part of your brain.

      • Soul retrieval
      • Returning lost fragments of soul
      • Astrological corrections
      • Amygdala – Emotional reset
      • Emotional healing
      • Clearing the mind

      How to easily and quickly identifying negative beliefs for yourself and clients and clear them with „Clearing the mind“ activation.

        MODULE 7 

        Personal boundaries, what they are, how to protect them and strengthen them. Learn to recognize signs of healthy and unhealthy boundaries and several exercises to quickly recognize when this happens. Learn several techniques for strengthening your personal boundaries. Your will receive 7 activations/processes/tools:

            • Stop absorbing other people energies
            • Clearing other people’s energies from your field – an activation and several powerful techniques
            • Strengthening your personal boundaries
            • Cord cutting with people or energies
            • Resolving and clearing relationships
            • Forgiveness

        MODULE 8 

        Introducton to body meridians. Learn how energy is running in reverse in your body, how this has been programmed by controllers to prevent you from accessing Source energy and your soul and how to correct it.  Learn the importance of fascia and its relation to the meridian system. Learn the basics of traditional Chinese medicine system, the theory of 5 elements and their relation to emotions

        Your will receive 9 activations/processes/tools:

        • Clearing energy reversal
        • Clearing fascia
        • Clearing 8 extraordinary meridians
        • Clearing our chi essence stored in kidneys
        • Clearing 5 elements emotions (fear, anger, sadness, disgust and joy)
        • Clearing organs
        • Clearing glands


            MODULE 9 

            You will receive 12 activations for clearing meridians on all levels, energetic, emotional and mental

                • 12 activations for clearing 12 meridians

            BONUS – MODULE 10 

            Additional 10 activations as a bonus:

            • Clear Quartz crystal activation
            • Amethyst crystal activation for spiritual growth
            • Energy Boost
            • Light Shower activation
            • Relaxation Wave
            • Joy activation
            • Abundance activation
            • Neutralize Covid-19
            • Move into Flow and Embrace Positive change
            • Schuman resonance activation

              If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.