Ultimate Chakra Healing Class




Ultimate Chakra Healing Class with Sacred Activations.

Get this Ultimate Chakra Healing Masterclass with 9 mp3’s of almost 100 Sacred Activations and an intensive clearing of oaths and vows from the 7 Chakras valued at least $500 for only $100 for a limited time only!

Here is one of the testimonials HI Ms. Teresa, I listened to part 1 of SA Master class. Hehe. Today, I learned a new way to consistently trade and earned 400 dollars today. Sacred Activations Ultimate Chakra Masterclass and 7 Chakra Vows Clearing In this Masterclass, you will clear your belief systems, mental patterns, and fears via your Chakra Energy System, addressing your emotional issues that keep you stuck in the negative areas in your life. Get to also clear all of the vows lodged in the 7 chakras at the same time! WHY YOUR CHAKRAS? Your Chakras are the energy centers of your body that carry the emotional energy created by your inner and outer experiences. These experiences include your belief systems and mental patterns, emotional conditioning, attitudes, memories, relationships, and all other experiences that carry emotional charge– both positive and negative. These emotions generate energy impressions in your Chakras.

The more negative the emotions are, the more imbalanced, misaligned, and blocked your Chakras will be. In other words, Chakra blockages are formed through trapped negative emotions like pain and heartache, conditioning, trauma, bad memories, negative thoughts and beliefs, or fears. When your Chakras are not open and not flowing freely, it will manifest as recurring physical, emotional, and psychological issues that may keep you stuck and stagnant in life. The aim of energy clearing is to unblock your Chakras from these emotional blockages, but energy clearing with Sacred Activations will do deeper than that.

WHY BUY THE RECORDING? Long ingrained mind programs will be shattered and cleared Sacred Activations will not only clear your Chakra blockages, it will also clear your subconscious belief systems, mental patterns, and fears related specifically to each of your 7 Chakras. ��In this way, you will be totally released from these negative emotional energies that are constantly creating blocks in your life, allowing you to feel empowered, motivated, and expansive. Incorporates the power of Sacred Activations to Caroline Myss’s Chakra Energy System. You will evaluate your personal beliefs through Caroline Myss’s “self-examination questions” on issues involved in each of your 7 Chakras. Through this, you will become aware of your belief patterns that no longer support you Listen to the replay to receive the sacred energies anytime you need. The replay is as potent as the live session. Sacred Activations is powered by Source God Energy and this intelligent living energy is embedded in the replay. You can listen to it again and again, even after many years, and still experience its powerful effects. Get unstuck in every area of your life and start shifting.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Explore your 7 Chakras based on Caroline Myss’s Anatomy of the Spirit This Masterclass is based on Caroline Myss’s view on Human Energy System. She’s an incredible medical intuitive and an undeniable authority on Chakras. Each of your 7 Chakras holds specific belief systems, emotional patterns, and fears on different aspects of your life.

The Source God Energy will clear the issues and fears highlighted in each of the 7 Chakras below through the power of Sacred Activations. Take time to evaluate your belief systems and get ready to release those beliefs that don’t serve you. You will be clearing them during the live session.

*ALL THE QUESTIONS PER CHAKRA WILL BE SENT TO YOU AS SOON AS YOU REGISTER LIST OF SACRED ACTIVATIONS and Chakra Vows Clearing For the Vows Clearing: Ultimate Oaths Vows Promises Contracts Agreements Deactivation Thorn of Hearts Deactivation Sacred Activations Ran for the ROOT CHAKRA

  1. Caste System Family
  2. Clearing Having to Sacrifice Self for Others
  3. Family Constellations
  4. Clear Codependency
  5. Are You A Victim to clear all programs and patterns of victimhood/victim archetype
  6. Inner Child Reconnection
  7. 0-7 8. Healthy Boundaries
  8. Bleeding Heart
  9. Blood and Lymph
  10. Vagus Nerve
  11. Angry Boundaries
  12. Strength and Power
  13. Clear all Guilt and Shame
  14. Clear Family Blood
  15. Clear Bonds and Ties
  16. Clear Family Curses
  17. Family Blessings
  18. Lack and Limitations
  19. Poverty Deactivation Root Chakra (1st Chakra – Safety) Vows a vow of loyalty to your tribe (including their beliefs and ways of living); a vow to speak the laws of your tribe; a vow to hold and live the customs of your family, even if you say otherwise rationally; on the rebel side, a vow to reject and be the complete opposite of your family (which is keeping you still connected to them and limited in choice); any issues related to physical things, like body, material possessions and money have their core limiting vows here; safety issues (the World isn’t safe) have their root in the first chakra too.

SECOND CHAKRA Sacred Activations

  1. PTSD Sexual Abuse
  2. Addiction Redirection
  3. Clear loss of control
  4. Abandonment Deactivation
  5. Clear sexual guilt and shame
  6. Clearing any prostitute archetypes (ways in which we compromise our body and sexuality in exchange for power, money etc. We may not have this but we could have had this in past lives or our ancestors may have had this and therefore we are entangled in this energy that needs to be cleared)
  7. Struggle to Survive Sacral Chakra (2nd Chakra – Self-Image) Vows a vow to get even, make “them” pay, revenge (when been through abuse of any type), everyone is a potential predator and can’t trust anyone; a vow to never be vulnerable and keep your emotions under control; a vow to never need help or ask for support; a vow to never have needs! And be focused on and meet other people’s needs (co-dependency falls in here too); on the other side, a vow to always have needs, be vulnerable and in an emotional roller coaster (crisis mode); a vow to be dependent and never let people leave, hold tight to them.

SOLAR PLEXUS We will clear all these fears Fears of rejection, criticism, looking foolish, and failing to meet one’s responsibility, all fears related to one’s appearance such as fear of obesity, baldness, or aging, fears that others will discover our secrets Sacred Activations Ran

  1. Hidden Agendas
  2. Hopelessness
  3. Fear of Your Power
  4. Wrong Choices
  5. Central Sun
  6. Playing It Small
  7. Sacred Power Solar Plexus Solar Plexus (3rd Chakra – Boundaries) Vows a vow to serve, take care of and sacrifice for others; a vow to be who you’re expected or supposed to be (not who you truly are); a vow to put other people’s needs above your own (people pleasing); a vow that other people matter more (I’m not worthy, not as good as, I always come 2nd, 3rd, last…); on the rebel side, a vow to never surrender, to resist and to fight (defensive mode) all the time; rebel vow that things always have to be your way, or you’re not doing it; a vow to be invisible because it’s not safe to be seen; a vow to hide your true Self because it isn’t safe to be you (wounded as a child).

Sacred Activations for the HEART CHAKRA

  1. Bleeding Heart
  2. Christ Consciousness
  3. Unconditional Love Reconnection
  4. Mother Mary
  5. Sadness and Grief
  6. Betrayal Deactivation
  7. Self Forgiveness
  8. Self Love
  9. Forgiveness Compassion and Gratitude
  10. Soulmate Activation
  11. Release Ex’s Energies
  12. Get Your Keys Back
  13. Open Heart
  14. Diamond Heart
  15. 13 Petals of the Heart
  16. Fragmentation and Laser Focus Heart Chakra (4th Chakra – Perfectionism): a vow to be perfect and if you’re not, you feel disappointed and are very self-critical; you only deserve that thing you want (love, health, money…) if you’re perfect, or pretty damn close; a vow to be uncompromising in relationships, it has to be your way; on the other side, a vow that love can only exist with compromises (love hurts type of belief); a vow that true love doesn’t exist; a vow that you’ll always love, no matter what (can create a trap in abusive relationships); or a vow that you’ll never love again, or you’ll never love yourself (until you’re perfect, that is) AND HERE ARE JUST A FEW OF THE SACRED ACTIVATIONS RAN FOR THE SECOND DAY…. ALL THE VOWS AS WELL FOR ALL THE CHAKRAS MENTIONED THROAT CHAKRA Fear of Your Own Power Fear of Authority Authority Power Disconnection Addiction Redirection Fearing The Will Of God Untouchable Black Magic Puppet Master Deactivation Releasing Your Power To The Divine Forces Avebury Stonehenge Lord Metatron Starseed Activation Galactic Federation Godhead THIRD EYE CHAKRA Fear of Relying On God, Your Angels and Guides Respect, Trust and Loyalty Angel Power Atlantean Power Returns Balance and Activate the Pineal, Pituitary Gland, Godhead and Third Eye Brain In Balance CROWN CHAKRA Dark Night Of The Soul Rise Of The Phoenix Just Being Good Enough To Get By Anger Towards Churches and Religions Not Important/Not Good Enough Super DNA Fruit Of Life Alchemy of the 4th Through 9th Dimensions Folding Timelines and Parallel Universes Defragmentation and Laser Focus Heaven on Earth Stargate Activation Golden Heart Activating Your Pillar of Light


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