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7 Day Aura Healing Group Sessions with daily activations ($300 value )
This will be a daily remote session which is a combination of quantum energy work and a Healy Aura Healing Session transmitted from my Healy Resonance Plus
The daily activation will cleanse you of whatever it is that the specific activation covers
Tentative list of activations and simplified descriptions
1. Implant Clearing
This clears both entities and implants, although these are not the same. Implants are gadgets, devices, chips put in our energy fields, while entities are low consciousness beings.
2. Shadow Body Clearing
This activation clears, repairs, heals and if required, removes and destroys Shadow body or negative form and artificial/dead light created by our genetic material, such as artificially created hologram or your body clone through which your energy has been controlled, exhausted, siphoned or kept in a lower vibration through false navel structures and false umbilical cords leading to the lower Astral realm.
3. Fear Matrix Removal
This activation clears fear and fear based programmes or programming from all of your chakras and these are being pulled out through the crown, as if the tree is being unrooted. You’re fully unplugged and disconnected from the energy of fear on all levels, including fear related emotions such as worry, anxiety, powerlessness, uncertainty, insecurity, feeling unsafe.
4. Electromagnetic Pollution Clearing
This activation clears all kinds of electromagnetic pollution and damage
We are healing their harmful effects, neutralise them and repair their damage, including symptoms such as irritability, hyperactivity, burning, weakening of immune system, allergic reactions, swelling, ear ringing, insomnia and sleep disorders, decrease of melatonin, restlessness, irregular heart beats, cancerogenic effects, glaucoma, agitation, anxiety, microwave disease, lack of concentration, imbalance of vegetative nervous system, metabolic disorders, mental strain etc.
5. Auric Clearing
In-depth clearing of 15 aura layers, includes clearing of: all foreign energies, hooks, cords, stagnant energies, debris, sludge, attachments and entities (but not implants) and any negative energy sources; it clears all 15 auric layers, all auric components, restores and heals tears, leaks, holes and patches in the aura, restores leaked energy.
6. Balancing and Centering The Assemblage Point
In this activation, we are balancing the Assemblage point and centering it in its central correct position in such a way that emotions/thoughts of a person may be balanced and centered and that they may generally feel centered (versus scattered).
7. Physical Body Detox
In this activation, we are doing a large physical body detox and removing and dissolving the energetic component of various toxins in our body, by clearing: All medicines we have ever taken (including antibiotics and vaccines), food additives, harmful substances such as pesticides and herbicides, all agents for soil fertilisation; all pathogens and heavy metals; all harmful substances from our body, including viruses (like cvd )harmful bacteria (we keep useful bacteria and are not clearing them); all harmful substances from chemtrails, air, smog, water and food we consume etc.
Along with these daily activations, these activations will also be included:
*Open To Receive
*12D Shield
*Grounding and Centering


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