Gaia Reiki Course




Gaia Reiki is a family of frequencies that originate from Mother Earth or Gaia and was channelled by Rebecca Kimes. Gaia Reiki are earth-oriented frequencies with the purpose of re-awakening and re-establishing humanity’s interconnectedness to Nature and Planet Earth herself. Some of the dominant intentions of Gaia Reiki are as follows: *Grounding *Letting go of lack consciousness and recognizing your inherent abundance *Recognizing your Sovereignty which will allow you to affirm your rightful place in the inner web of Life with Joy and Unconditional Love *To help Starseeds enjoy their lives on this planet and not struggle and wish they were somewhere else *A call to trully accept what is NOW perfect no matter what by connecting to the broader perspective of your Soul *To Help people accept and love all parts of themselves ( including their shadows) *To help with transitions and change *To help heal the physical body *A wonderful energy to use to work with pets and animals





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