3 Session Package of Deep Healing




Deep clearing of heaviness and stuck, stagnant dense negative energies, clearing of negative entities and any and all energies that are not yours and you may have taken on from the collective or from your environment, clearing of negative implants, clearing and cleansing of the Aura, clearing of negative emotional energies and other stuck emotions, clearing of trauma and stress, balancing the brain pulses, aligning you to your center, heart healing, clearing of limiting beliefs and also oaths vows and anything that is no longer for your best and highest Good, toning down of overempathy and hypersensitivity and after the clearings I usually help in aligning you with the highest frequencies of unconditional love, happiness and joy, abundance, success etc, I will lead you into a short meditation for relaxation so that the healing will be deeper I ground and align with Source together with my Higher Self ( Divine Inner Counsel ) I connect to your Higher Self or Inner Counsel grounded into Source as well and from there I am intuitively guided to facilitate the session.

I usually combine my potent healing modalities for the session The modalities may include Sacred Activations Divine Expansion The Millennium Method which uses healing fractals Empowered Energetics Infinity Star Grid System ISA Light Codes Integrated Soul Activations Gaia Reiki Arcturian Alchemy.






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