ISA Money Light Codes Level 2 Healing Series



22 Days of Money Clearings and Activations

ISA Money Light Codes Level 2 ISA MONEY LIGHT CODES 29 to 50

June 10 to first week of July 2024

ISA MONEY LIGHT CODES ACTIVATE YOUR DIVINE MONEY CODES ISA Money Light Codes connect you to your personal money frequency, your highest and most ideal cosmic money and wealth blueprint With the advanced money frequency transmissions of the ISA Money Light Codes, you can energetically speed up the process of letting go of your ancestral fears, re-program your belief systems, and upgrade your environment through higher vibrational energies.

All of this will integrate into your DNA to help you create a life in full money alignment, free of the shackles of the fears of the collective consciousness, your family, ancestors, and even your homeland.

The ISA Money Light Codes will accelerate and stabilize positive change by energetically clearing the ancient limiting beliefs embedded in your DNA while simultaneously reprogramming your cells with higher money frequencies designed to allow you to carry and hold more money, abundance, and light.

There are 50 ISA Money Light Codes! Some Benefits of ISA Money Light Codes include:

*Help you dissolve and reduce money and wealth blocks

*Help you to dissolve and remove any stuck energies in all your energetic fields and 13 Chakras

*Help you clear fear, shame, and unworthiness around money

*Help you move out of poverty consciousness and into prosperity and wealth consciousness

*Help to align you to the frequency of money

*Help to activate you to the frequency of money

*Help expand your energetic field so you can hold more abundance with ease and grace

*Help clear any ancestral blocks and familial limiting beliefs

*Help you expand and manifest an aligned life with your true purpose

*Help you expand your receptivity to receive money

*Help you step into being a money magnet Some beliefs that will be cleared, healed and released:

*ISA MLC 29 More for me means less for others and activates the belief that the more money you make, the more there is for others

*ISA MLC 30 It’s not safe for me to shine and installs safety and security to stand out and make a lot of money

*ISA MLC 33 I am too old or too young to make a lot of money

*ISA MLC 34 I already missed my chance and it’s too late for me to make a lot of money

*ISA MLC 37 The economy is bad and it’s not the right time again to make money

*ISA MLC 46 Clearing of Generational money curses A

nd many more $440 value Early Bird Rate of $188 Special rate for locals 8888php or 2222php for 4 weeks ADDITIONAL BONUS FOR EARLY BIRDS: Get a recording of 10 ISA Money Energetic Codes worth at least $100 for registering before June 1, 2024


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