Gaia Reiki Attunement Workshop




Would you like to learn how to heal yourself as your loves ones and even pets?
Would you like to clear lack consciousness and improve the state of your abundance?
Would you like to help your body be and feel fully grounded, not feeling loopy or scattered?
Would you like to be able to cleanse your space, your crystal, amulets and fill these up with powerful sacred earth energies?
Would you like to learn it at 50% off the original class fee of $123 or just $90?
Learn and be attuned to Gaia Reiki in this 3 hour workshop!
Gaia Reiki is a family of frequencies that originate from Gaia or Mother Earth.  In other words they are  Earth oriented frequencies with the purpose of Re-Awakening and Re-Establishing Humanity’s interconnectedness to Nature and Planet Earth herself.
Reiki is simply Universal Life Force energy that is channeled through practitioners that receive an attunement to connect them to the particular frequencies.
Gaia Reiki is a brand new healing modality channeled through Rebecca Kimes.
There are many different types of Reiki. My teacher Becky Kimes believes more and more will be called forth and many humans are awakening and consciously connecting to their Divine gifts.
I use Gaia Reiki to cleanse and heal myself, my space and also cleanse and charge all my crystals daily and they have never felt so much stronger!
Some of the dominant intentions and effects of Gaia Reiki are:
*Letting go of lack consciousness and recognizing your inherent *Abundance and Prosperity
*Letting go of power struggles
*Recognizing your Sovereignity which will allow you to affirm your rightful place in the inner web of life with Joy and Unconditional Love
*To help Starseeds ENJOY their lifetime on this planet and not struggle and wish they were somewhere else
*A call to truly accept what IS NOW IS perfect no matter what by connecting to the broader perspective of your Soul.
*To help people accept and love all parts of themselves (not just the good parts- but the shadows as well)
*To help all with transitions – recognizing that change is an inherent part of life.  These transitions include job changes, relationship changes and even experiencing “death” of the physical body
*To heal the physical body so your time on the planet is more enjoyable
*This is an especially wonderful energy to work with your pets and animals!
The Level 1 Gaia Reiki Workshop will attune you to be able to give Gaia Reiki sessions in-person and remotely/distantly.
*Energy Exchange $123 but 50% off for the first 10 Early Birds
Schedule TBA depending on the availability of the participants


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